Sunday, April 1, 2012


After switching the office to its new room, we got rid of a red chair from Aaron's apartment and replaced it with one that folded out into a sleeper. We also got a way smaller desk, as the other one mostly collected junk and was never used. I believe the new one was a gift from my mom, from Target. The mirror there was waiting to find a purpose, as we had replaced it with one from Garden Ridge. We eventually hung it in the living room. A big ugly elliptical is located on the other side of this room. There's also a bookshelf behind the desk.

I despised the elliptical, because it was large, expensive, and not used enough to justify it's encumbrance on our home. There was never a good place to put it. The layout here is meant to initially detract from the elliptical, since you couldn't see it when you looked into the room from the hall. I later used the same layout to "hide" the desk.