Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Loft: Start to Finish

We've begun looking at houses to buy next, and have yet to see one that is as much of a blank slate. Here's the loft when we moved in:
The picture's blurry, but there's nothing to see. The loft got the first home accessory purchase. Before a dining table, before blinds or curtains, there was the lovesac.
We put the cover on and added a few more items after that.
Once we bought the new couches for downstairs, the smaller couch came up here, but that was during the peroxide of lost pictures. This is the next oldest picture, taken right after we bought our new sectional. There were five pieces in all, which we switched from room to room. I think the other two were in our bedroom at this time.
The refrigerator used to sit downstairs in the dining room, right next to the kitchen. It was exclusively filled with soda. We moved it upstairs a couple months before this picture, I think. The pillows we had for a while, they came from Kohls. 
This is an uneventful picture, but its the next one chronologically. This is opposite of the couch, next to the TV. The brown edge is one of three media shelves that lined the window wall. I must have just added the tall shelf with all the gaming consoles. Also, nothing was painted upstairs at this time. 
Hanging the curtain was a big deal. It is made from Target shower curtain and plain black fabric from Ikea. The expandable curtain track came from Menard's closing sale. The same hardware is in our office and guest room. It hasn't been too obvious until now that I am a big fan of skylines. There's at least one in every room of the house.
The TV and shelves setup changed a lot, but here it is in final form. We love the upcycled TV stand even though it currently blends into the wall. 
 I added a shelf behind the couch, the frame from downstairs and covers for the couch.