Thursday, April 18, 2013

Winter Hibernation and Spring Cleaning

Nothing exciting has happened at our place over the last few months. Though I started to paint the cabinets, I stopped when the paint color didn't live up to my expectations. I decided to wait to make a decision, because it's a lot of work to do twice. Because I would need to do the work inside, I decided to deep clean the house first, getting rid of junk and de-cluttering closets before tearing apart the kitchen. It's amazing how much the two of us (mostly I) have acquired. I've sent many car loads to Goodwill and the dump, trying to keep only what we need. All this work will help immensely when we move again, but it's taken a lot longer than I expected. On the bright side, it's warm enough to paint the cabinet doors in the garage.

I have consolidated all of the remaining junk into the living room, which is currently a wreck. It's filled with the hardest to sort items, and I've been procrastinating doing anything about it. Beyond this organization, there are a lot of little projects to be tackled inside too.  We've started to clean up our yard and get ready to establish some curb appeal. Yard work is absolutely my least favorite part of renovating, but it has to be done.