Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Living Room: Start to Finish

 Like the other rooms, it started out as a blank slate.
 We moved in and realized just how big the house was. Most of what we moved in filled just a fraction of the living room.
 We replaced the carpet quickly and noticed how sad and awkward our couches looked in our new home.
 The other side of the room didn't look much better. This is what we used for a while. Again, it looked much more awkward here than it did in Aaron's apartment. 
We bought our first pieces of brand new furniture from Kittles Rooms Express. We gave away one couch and moved the other one to the loft.

There are some lost photos that show the coffee table we bought and other small improvements. The next one I have is right before we replaced the flooring.
 The TV cabinet came from my parents house, and fit the TV that had been sitting on the loft floor. I painted the half walls before this, but not the taller outside walls. The following picture is a bit random, but it does show when half the room was painted:
Here's the room just before we painted the final walls:
 And finally, this is the room as it is today.