Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Upstairs Bath: Start to Finish

 Considering the homes we saw, this bathroom was in great condition.
This is right before we painted. The only thing we did was remove the towel bar and add Aaron's old shower curtain from his apartment.
After we painted, we changed the shower curtain to one I had from college, hung a poster and added some rugs. The shower curtain rod is also new. The box from the new faucet is there on the counter. We replaced the light too, but you can't see it here.
We changed the face places and the mirror too. The mirror was a little too skinny, so it was swapped with the one in the master bath later on.

We changed a lot of details to get to the finished bathroom:
The mirror was swapped, the poster was moved downstairs and a new shelf was added. The shower curtain came from Target. The floor mats are now gray instead of blue. I painted the vanity with the same process from the kitchen cabinets, the counter top was bought on clearance from Menards, and the tiles from the back splash came from Lowes. The new towel rack, which you can barely see, came from Ikea.