Friday, April 13, 2012

The Master Bath: Start to Finish

The kitchen had the biggest transformation, but the bathrooms were in a close second. Everything was functional, but builder grade. The laminate countertop was a little faded, and the lights were the exposed bulb style common in home construction in the '90s. The first thing done was paint, but for reasons I forgot we never finished painting around the cabinet and mirror. When we switched the mirror and light, we didn't paint right away. The outlines are very obvious in the picture below:
Next, we installed clearance counter tops from Menards and tile and repainted the entire bathroom, including the vanity. We didn't intend to replace the counter tops because they were in decent condition, but we chanced upon matching granite tops in the sizes we needed for both our bathrooms. They were about the same price as laminate tops, so we couldn't resist upgrading. We also installed a new faucet, which surprisingly has a pull out sprayer faucet that you usually only see in kitchens. That all happened in a couple of days, so I only have a picture of when we finished.