Sunday, April 1, 2012

If My Home had Sponsors

I frequented the same places and many of the same products throughout this renovation. They are as follows:

Home Depot - Being the closest hardware store, they have an unfair advantage. The selection isn't phenomenal, it will rarely be cheaper than the Menards, but I hate buying paint anywhere else. I went to Home Depot for the purpose of home improvement more than any other store, so for that alone they must be included.

Target - Their clearance is b-a-n-a-n-a-s. I knew this from an electronics perspective, as it seems they would rather give away last seasons video games than bother to sell them. What I didn't know was the absurd clearance you can find throughout the store. 70% of the frames in my house are from Target, and I don't think I paid more than $3 for any of them. Floating shelves, flame-less led tea lights, clothes hampers, linens, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, blankets, wall art, area rugs... all from Target, all on sale or clearance.

Garden Ridge - When you need some sort of household item today and don't want to spend a lot, Garden Ridge has it. It is not an impressive store aesthetically; its metal shelving in a warehouse.  We've gotten rugs, mirrors, decorative accents, clocks, frames, and art, among other things.

Ikea - There are no trick or secrets to this one. Ikea is amazing. Ikea is cheap. So far, nothing from Ikea has disappointed. It's hard to go without spending hundreds of dollars, so plan accordingly. I have long held that the dilapidated shopping mall near my house should turn into a flagship Ikea store for the midwest. We always go to the one in West Chester, Ohio since my sister lives nearby.

Clorox Cleaning Wipes - Buying a foreclosed home means you're gonna be cleaning up other people's messes. We buy the multi-packs and use them for everything. One of the most effective uses was when we needed to clean the baseboards. They had a layer of dust and dirt that only the wipes would remove.

Behr Paint and Primer in One - I've already mentioned this product, and I cannot stress it enough: it is a must. When you are determining a paint choice from your local hardware, look for Behr. To my knowledge, they were the first to do paint and primer at hardware stores and have created a new tier of quality for the average, weekend painter. It is amazing, you have a full line of finish sheen, available in a variety of sizes. And, it's $10 cheaper than it used to be.

Scion xB - Aaron bought a 2008 model about a year and a half ago. It has been a lifesaver. We fold down the seats and use it as a makeshift truck. We have transported over 200 feet of molding, a king size bed, 12ft scaffolding, and so much more. And it's shorter than my Chevy Malibu! That little car was probably the smartest thing we have bought. I almost think of getting one for myself when my car dies.