Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Upcycled TV Stand

We bought a large flat screen TV, but never bought a stand for it because they were expensive. I wanted a bench style stand, one that was long and low. I had assumed, when I got the tools, I would make one myself. I had found a design I liked and sketched it out when I happened to go to Whitley's with a friend. Goodwill and garage sales were the only places I had been for used furniture. I was overwhelmed to say the least. Whitley's is like shopping in an episode of Hoarders. Just by luck, I found something near the main aisle that caught my eye.
They wanted $50 for this solid wood stereo cabinet with broken speakers. I took it home and suspended more important projects to start removing the insides and cleaning it up. Like a lot of used furniture, it has a dusty, smoky smell that I tried to wipe out with Clorox wipes. Most of the electronics came out easily. Even though I can't imagine using it as an actual record cabinet, I kept the guts just in case.

The other modification I made was to cut the legs to make it shorter. I thought at first that I would just take them off completely and set it on the floor. Cutting the legs was a better choice. Being able to see underneath it makes it look a little less heavy visually. Also, the extra few inches make it a better height for a TV stand.

After using small makeshift stands for so long, we appreciate having something that actually fits our television now. I may stain or paint it in the future.