Sunday, April 1, 2012

Indoor Person

I hate yardwork.
This collection of random brick from the yard stayed in this spot for nearly a year. It got very cob-webby and disgusting. I apologize to guests that had to walk near it.
This is where the rock free dirt from the front yard went. This area was covered in grass before, but was akin to a small river, or pond. Also, the air conditioner was at a 40 degree angle. I evened out the pathway and leveled the air conditioner with bricks.

The grass wouldn't grow during the heat wave, but the weeds sure did! The backyard slopes down, so the height of those weeds is more dramatic than the picture indicates. Some were nearly hip height.
Despite hating yardwork, I did manage to grow a small vegetable garden. It died when the heatwave struck.
 This is the front yard, all cleaned up. Only took three years.