Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kitchen Cabinets Part 3

I wanted to add hardware to the cabinets, but it was nothing I had done before. It took a while to get the spacing correct. I later found out that everyone and their cousin sells plastic guides to do this easily, but it's not too tough without one.
The tape helps protect the cabinets while drilling holes, but also allowed me to draw level lines.
I put handles on the drawer fronts under the sink, even though they don't open. I thought it would look more consistent.
These are the finished doors, waiting to be reattached. This also gives a better view of how they were held up by screws while I painted.
The darker color made more of a difference than I expected. Combined with the hardware, they look like totally new cabinets! I thought this was the completion of the kitchen remodel, but a trip to Ikea and clearance mosaic tiles said otherwise.