Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tile Backsplash

We chanced across this tile at Lowes. It came in 12"x12" sheets for only $3.50 each. Typically, mosaic tile sheets are at least $5 and average between $8 to $15. We bought a few and decided we would mix it with subway tile to create a back splash. I wouldn't have bothered to add this project, but it was very cheap and in the perfect colors. The blue tiles were similar to the wall color, light and medium browns matched the countertop and floor, and the dark tiles went with the new cabinet color. 

Before I installed the back splash, we took a trip to Ikea. These under-cabinet lights were only $30. For $40, you can get ones that allow you to select the color. You can either screw them in on stick them on. Being made with LEDs, they are both lightweight and bright. I used command strips and tiny clear hooks to run the wires under the cabinets. Next, I drilled holes inside to feed the wires to the cabinet over the microwave. The switch for the lights and the extra cords are in that cabinet.
There is special glass mosaic mortar, which I did not use because I had mortar left from tiling the bar top. I imagine the special mortar would help it to slip less when applied to the wall. I tried to keep a consistent pattern before I realized that was impossible, but once finished it all blended together. We decided to scrap the idea of subway tiles and go with all glass. The whole project, including tile, grout, and other supplies was under $150.

At first I ended the tiles at the edge of the countertop. It looked ok, but since I had plenty of tile left I went down the side of the cabinet to the floor.