Sunday, September 23, 2012

Plumbing: Kitchen Sink

We had no big plumping problems in the last house, but have not been as lucky this time. First was the kitchen sink, which had a profusely leaking faucet. We tried to replace it, but could not get it off the sink due to rust and overtightened plastic. 
So, we bought a new sink kit for about $250. It came with a pull down sprayer faucet, custom fit metal drying rack and basket, the sink itself, and a soap dispenser. Aaron worked on removing the old sink, but ran into a problem: he didn't know how to turn off the water purifier, which meant that he could take off the sink without making a bit of a mess.

A mess was made and the sink came off, a mess was continually made the next day when the sink was reinstalled with a new water dispenser, since the last one was broken while removing the old sink. 
The garbage disposal was on the left side originally, but this sink had the smaller side on the right. There isn't any reason you can't have the disposal on the bigger side, and may even prefer it on the bigger side, but I wanted it on the smaller side. The drain goes back into the wall on the right, which was now behind the garbage disposal. Therefore, Aaron did some under the sink shenanigans to get everything to drain properly.