Sunday, September 23, 2012

Master Closet

Our last closet was so pathetically small that it was a struggle to keep it organized and functional. This one isn't huge, but it is as wide as a standard closet and twice as deep. The added functional space over a standard closet is only about three feet on either side, and the ability to walk into it.

Here's how it started, pink carpet and all. It doesn't look like it's tinted with cigarette smoke now, but trust me, it is. Everything was. We primed it and cleaned up the shelves, and also brought in the shelves from the other closets.

We thought we would add the shelves from the other closets and create a somewhat custom look, but once we got our bed in our room, we thought that it might be better to have our dressers in the closet. We were going to put them along the back. By chance there was exactly enough room for all three.

We thought that maybe we'd rather have a shelf along the back, since we will be hanging most of our clothes now. Also, we would need to move the shelf up a bit since the shirts were a little too long to fit over the dresser. We moved the dressers to either side and loaded the closet with our clothes. Next we replaced the globe light with a suspended cable track light, which spreads the light across the closet better and looks amazing.