Sunday, September 23, 2012


This is an area where the budget went missing, and therefore, these are the appliances that we will be keeping when we move. The washer and dryer, oven, microwave and dishwasher came from Sears. They were, in total with delivery, $2400. The gas stove was stainless steel and only $600, because it was open stock. The other items were new, but on a stacking sale that made them, on average, half off. Despite all the floors, paint, and cleaning, the appliances are what made the house livable.

There are cabinets on the countertops because once we got the new stove in, it became apparent that the cabinets above it weren't centered.

Aaron noticed that the 12" and 18" cabinets needed to be switched, and were likely just installed wrong when the home was built. In the picture above you can see the paint lines where they were, and the difference when the 12" cabinet was put where it belonged. Aaron installed an outlet in the upper cabinet, because the old vent hood was wired into the wall.

The microwave they delivered had a dent in the back, so we had them exchange it. The install wasn't too difficult. They supplied very thorough templates, but we still had to finesse one of the screws in at the end.

The washer and dryer fit nice in the closet and were very simple to install. The dryer vent keeps us from pushing them back any further. We carried them in late one night, and afterwards I told Aaron that I was never carrying a washer with him ever again.

We were going to use my parents' old fridge, but their delivery was postponed. When we went shopping for a new one, we had different objectives. I was voting for a $400 White Hotpoint, Aaron wanted bells, whistles, and water in the door. We got neither, because we found something much better at Best Buy: a floor display Frigidaire Gallery in Steel with a bottom mount freezer and french doors. It was half price and practically flawless. It was also a little too big. Because a lot of the fridges we saw were too big anyway, we decided to go home and move the pantry cabinet over to accommodate it. That sadly meant we had to take up a piece of the floor, but we got it done and the fridge was delivered soon after.

It is huge. I'm not sure if it seems huge in this picture, but it is gigantic. We are considering knocking out the wall some and insetting it into the dining room wall, so that it is closer to flush with the cabinets.