Friday, November 16, 2012

Party Prep

Today is the last day before our Housewarming Party. This will be our one and only Houeswarming Party, since we intend to move rather often. We never had one at the last house because we got married around the time we moved in, and felt it a bit redundant.
We decided to make the food ourselves, which still mostly seems like a good idea. We don't know how many people are really coming, and we invited quite a few. There's going to be at least 35, but we think it might get closer to 55 when everything is said and done.

We're making BBQ chicken and a ground beef chili, both in slow cookers. In addition we have lots of sides and salads, as well as chips and snacks. If we don't have quite enough, we are sure there will still be enough for everyone to snack on. If we have way too much, well... it's food so we'll just eat it ourselves.

This is the first party of this scale we have ever had, so it's more work than I expected and a bit intimidating.