Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bathroom Flooring Part One

We bought vinyl plank flooring the for the upstairs bathrooms at Home Depot on Black Friday. I'm not crazy about the color or wood grain, but it was half off and we aren't picky. I installed it in the hallway bathroom today. I made a bit of a mess in the process, but got it done pretty quick.

I moved the toilet by myself, which was ill-advised and very difficult. I'm not confident I can it back out of the tub on my own. We installed a stick-down vinyl plank for my grandmother a few weeks ago. It was easy, but the glue got an over our hands and the seams did not get as tight as I would have liked. That floor was only 99¢/sq ft, so it's a great option for cheap and fast update. However, that is also what we paid for these floors on Friday.

The box says "easiest floor ever" and I just might agree. Overlapping flaps stick to adjacent planks, making it a floating floor. It was a lot easier to put down than click-together flooring, especially around the door frame. My fingers often hurt after installing tongue-and-groove or click-together floors from trying to pull the seams tight. The planks could be repositioned after placement as long as I didn't push down too hard. To cut the floors, you score the front with a utility knife & snap it. This works for curves too, making the cut around the toilet drain a cinch.

Even though I don't love the pattern on the floor, it looks good finished. I'm now more motivated to get the vanity painted; its basically the same color as the new floors.