Tuesday, October 16, 2012


There have not been any posts lately because we have been working on the tedious task of unpacking. This house is a little smaller and without a cold storage room like the last house. Though it's just the two of us, that storage closet was mostly full. As we are often told, we have a lot of stuff for just two people. I'm starting an aggressive donation pile to help get things cleaned up.

The stuff in storage wasn't all junk. We kept blankets, comforters and pillows in storage bins as well as boxes, paint, sleeping bags, and extra seating. We intend to add plywood flooring to the attic above the garage, but we don't have one of those pull down ladders, so I have to hoist myself up from a standard ladder. Aaron randomly knows about floor joist requirements, and said they are only adequate for storage. Begin half his weight, all attic projects will be up to me.

Originally, we assumed we would stay for a year, but now we are considering staying only six months. Knowing we may move again in a few short moths is great motivation to get rid of clutter. What's more amazing is that I already got rid of a lot of stuff before we moved. We also want to buy more plastic storage bins, as they are sturdier and more reusable than boxes. They are also easier to stack, which will make moving and storage easier.