Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Getting adjusted in this house was a little more difficult, as the layout and size were so different from our previous houses. There is no dining room, all the rooms are smaller. On the other hand, there's a lot more space and a wide open basement.

We wanted to put our living room couches in the basement, but the basement door was too narrow. Our dining table was too big for the kitchen, so we put int in the living room. There's only one light in the living room, so we tend to move our table to the middle of the room whenever we have a game night.

Our bed and dresser exactly fit in the room we chose as our bedroom, with no space to spare. Our closet is much smaller than the last house, so we had to store extra clothes in other closets throughout the house.

My next priority was getting the game room set up. I don't play games as much as I used too, not for lack of interest. There always something else to do, it seems. Regardless, I still wanted to get this room ready so I could get all my gaming stuff out of boxes.
Aaron's next priority was getting a pool table into the basement. It was his childhood dream to own a pool table, and it wasn't until this third house that he had a place to put one. He was motivated to refinish the cement floor immediately so the pool table could be delivered.
We left a fair bit of furniture at the last house, including our futon. The buyers were coming from a small one bedroom apartment, and didn't really have anything to fill their new, comparatively large home. This left us with nothing for the guest room, though we don't really have guests very often.We bought a full size bed soon, but mostly left the rest of the room as storage.

The fourth bedroom was storage for about a year - every random thing that we didn't know what to do with went into this room.

We left boxes in the kitchen for quite a while. This was part laziness, and part strategy - we briefly thought about putting an island in the kitchen. After finding it annoying to walk around the boxes, we reasoned it would be just as annoying to walk around an island.