Wednesday, August 5, 2015

City Sewer Connection

Our neighborhood was still on septic tanks when we moved in, but had a deadline to convert to the city sewer by early 2015. Luckily, the seller agreed to pay for this connection (which costs a few thousand dollars). It's a little strange that homeowners are required to pay for the connection that will result in them paying the monthly sewer fee as well... but that's the cost of living in the city.

The company that we had do this work for us was abhorrent. They took forever to come out, didn't say so much as hello before digging up our yard, and left a gigantic pile of of dirt in our driveway for no stated reason.

That said, they didn't have to run a pipe through the middle of our basement, didn't need to move our deck and they were done with the work in a couple days. We haven't had any issues, so they seemed to do a fine enough job. They didn't return to regrade or re-seed the lawn. They happened to dig up a small bolder, which, out of indifference, we haven't moved from where they placed it.