Thursday, September 19, 2013

Before and After: Master Closet

We did a few small things in the master closet that made a huge difference. We changed the light from a single bulb to a modern track light, raised the racks about eight inches, and put our existing dressers inside. These changes allowed us to store more and made the closet look bigger. The light was a miserable hassle to install. It runs on two tension wires, required huge anchors and lots of measuring. However, once we turned it on we were beyond impressed and felt like it was worth the trouble. There's no picture of the closet from when we first moved in because I didn't imagine we'd change anything. The before picture was taken when as we raised the closet rack.

I added a bonus picture of the light we installed. It's the greatest closet light ever. After installing this light, I will always choose similar ones for closets because they're bright, the tone of the bulbs is a mix of natural and artificial light, and it casts shadows like jewels on the wall. The amazingness of this light doesn't come across in pictures as well as it does in person. It's a random thing to gush over, but it is my favorite light in the house.