Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cabinets Part One

I must admit upfront, this is a story with no ending. I stated refinishing the cabinets, which is something I did in the last house. This time, I picked a light cabinet kit instead of dark. My first dilemma was the brilliantly white base coat. The honey oak cabinets did not take kindly to being covered, as it took four coats to get a nice solid base.

Secondly, the grain in these cabinets is a bit deeper, so they look a little different painted than I expected.

Third, I didn't shake the glaze before opening it, so it was a strange peachy orange when I applied it. The picture below shows how different they are shaken and unshaken.

Fourth, once I did shake it an apply it, it was much darker than I expected and hard to apply evenly, given how unforgiving the white base was to inconsistency. Fifth, I didn't like the white with glaze as much as I thought I would. It looks pretty normal in this picture, but in person it looks sorta dirty.

After having it all go differently than expected, i felt that my objectivity was highly impaired. It looked horrible to me. So, I just stopped. I stopped while I debated about what to do. That was two weeks ago.

Part two will be coming sometime soon, that is, as soon as I decide what color to paint and how to go about it. I started only in the bathrooms this time, so I will finish those first before moving onto the kitchen. I haven't completely decided what color to paint the kitchen. I think I might also paint one kitchen cabinet at a time, just to make things a bit easier and work on other stuff in the meantime. This will make the process much longer... which is sad but I think it's the best idea for quality control.