Sunday, December 2, 2012

Time Out

Christmas is coming, so most of our renovation funds have gone to gifts lately. Being completely sick of cleaning and organizing, I've turned to completing some unfinished crafts.

I started this t-shirt blanket for my sister ages ago. It's much bigger than I thought it would be. I added bias tape to the edges, but don't like how it tuned out. I'm not sure if I'll buy different tape or just hem it.

I'm also making a T-shirt blanket for myself from all my GameStop T-shirts. I want to make one big enough to cover the Lovesac, but I don't think I have the space to properly construct something of that proportion. I took pictures of every shirt today so I could assemble the design on my computer. I'd prefer to lay it out by hand but I don't have a flat surface that big. Well, not without moving a lot of furniture. I laid a few out on the floor today just to see what they would look like as a blanket.

I made some pillow cases from fabric I had laying around. Aaron received a coffee gift basket that had a folded burlap sack as packaging, and I sewed that into pillows as well. The burlap was a bit unwieldy to sew. I just stuffed in a pillow that no longer matched our decor. The pillow on the left is identical to the one I stuffed into the burlap on the right. They tuned out better than I expected!

I've made quite a few duct tape wallets as well. I've made lots for friends, family, and for myself. I just make them for fun, but I get complements on them often. The typical style I make is pictured below. There's a slot for cash and a hidden pocket behind the three interior pockets on each side. I intend to sell some online sometime soon, probably on Etsy. I need to do a little more research and set up accounts to make that possible, so that may be a while.