Friday, August 31, 2012

Kicking Up Dust

We spent the first full day at the house, mostly getting things organized and prepping for paint. Aaron took off most of the baseboards and my dad and I primed the kitchen and family room. Mom brought us dinner, and after they left we stayed to finish up and clean. Aaron was trying to replace the leaking kitchen faucet, but due to overtightened bolts and corrosion, we had to take out the whole sink. It took a while and we made a huge mess but we got everything cleaned up by 9pm.

This is how un-white our ceiling was. The previous owners were smokers, and this room was by far the worst. You can tell that the ceiling started out white because the creases of some of the corners are still white. This is the first time I've painted a ceiling, and it went pretty fast. My dad broke his extension pole, but luckily had a spare.

This is my dad's truck, loaded up with carpet to take to the dump tomorrow. We pulled all of this out yesterday, and Aaron carted it outside today. We were glad that all three bedrooms and the family room carpets fit so we only have to make one trip. You can see the horrible brownish discoloration on the top roll. It was all pretty nasty.

We're keeping it classy with our lawn furniture in the dining room. It gives us a much needed extra table, and a place to sit and eat. All of our other furniture will remain tucked away in the storage unit until we are done cleaning, laying flooring, and painting.

Aaron and Dad got all the tools out of our smaller unit today, and I set up or shelves like the were at the old house. "Aww... just like home" said Aaron.